Friday, February 24, 2006

< Applications /> LibXML-Ruby 0.3.6

Ruby bindings for LibXML2 are available , thanks to Ross Bamford.

LibXML-Ruby is a C-language Ruby binding to the Gnome LibXML2 library, supporting a wide range of XML technologies and offering very competitive performance across the board.

Ross announced,

This release is essentially our 'ground zero' release after a recent effort to revive the sleeping LibXML-Ruby project with the help of original author Sean Chittenden. Although fixes for a number of bugs in the build and the code are included, no new functionality has yet been added. We are keen to gain feedback from the community, whether positive or negative, with a view to fixing the direction of the project. Our mailing list:


You can find (a bit) more information, and API documentation, at the project website on Rubyforge:


You can obtain LibXML-Ruby via Rubygems:


gem install libxml-ruby


Or as standard tarball/zip packages:
Sunday, December 18, 2005

< Applications /> Libxml API Docs updated

Ross Bamford announced on ruby-talk that he is updating the API docs for the Ruby libxml bindings, and has a first cut available on his site .


It's quite basic but it has the all-important 'what methods does it have' thing about it. It covers the last version released by Trans (I think?), version 0.3.4-04.04.14.


Please be advised that a few bugs have been found:

  • Problems with the default validation on XML::Parser (DTD/Schema validation should be unaffected)
  • Some small memory leaks across the library
  • Incompatibilities with GCC 4.0
  • Moving nodes between Node/NodeSet operations can cause segfault at Ruby exit.
  • XPointer/XPath range support is buggy.
    • However I have the critical stuff patched up here and hopefully we'll be able to get an interim release out very soon.


Ross cautions that the URL is temporary, and it may at some point be a redirect to libxml on rubyforge.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

< Administration /> Moved to a New Server

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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

< Applications /> Yet Another Java Bridge

SAKURAI Masashi announced he is working on Yet Another Java Bridge .

This bridge is implemented by Javassist and xmlrpc communication.


Javassist is bytecode engineering tool. I used xmlrpc to connect java

and ruby. Although the communication is very slow, the bridge can

establish connection on the many environment.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

< Administration /> RubyStuff Shop is Open

Announcing the formal grand opening of Ruby Stuff: The Ruby Shop for Ruby Programmers .

In an effort to help fund and , I assembled a variety of designs and opened up multiple shops on CafePress to hawk apparel, clocks, mugs, mouse pads, assorted sundries.

The RubyStuff site provides a set of aggregate pages so you can see the different designs in one place. All actual purchases are done on the corresponding CafePress site.

General info is here .


James Britt